Creative Alliance supporters are already living the good life… or would like to.  They are imaginative optimists.  They are the “if not me, who?  If not now, when?”  kind of people.   They know how extraordinarily fortunate we are to occupy this quite, quite brilliant planet and to live in this quite extraordinary country.  Our kind of people are already making an effort to meet their responsibilities to themselves, one another and the planet… they are our role models.

Creative Alliance Supporters

Our supporters know that there is more to life than work.  By their lifestyles and the choices they make they are already making a difference... they are the folk who, when they realise that mountain biking, hiking, reading to their children or playing the fiddle are more fun than commuting or mowing grass... deliberately down size and move closer to the places they need to be in order to spend more time with the people they care about and doing the things that most delight... and being in the places they need to be rather than frittering away their lives getting there.  Our kind of people have an eye for quality...   they are prepared to pay more for things that are made to last and preferably made locally and are much more likely to repair than replace their possessionsin the unlikely event that they should fail.

When something needs doing Creative Alliance supporters are likely to get off their backsides and do it and are unlikely to look for someone to blame or ask what Government is doing about it...

If New Zealand is to tackle our challenges with flair and humanity too many of the choices we currently make have a very limited future.  We have tasked ourselves with talking with our community to discover the kind of future Kiwis aspire to... and doing whatever it takes to enable and persuade more of us to live the kinds of lives and enjoy the kinds of experiences most likely to bequeath to our children a safer, fairer world.  

What difference could a tiny country with five million people make you ask?  It could make an enormous difference for the five million and the world is desperate for the safe, fair, gorgeous, optimistic, generous, sustainable, wise, collaborative and creative role models...

Our policies are designed to persuade and enable more of us to make the kinds of choices most likely to leave the world safer, fairer, more fun and more gorgeous. 

Framing our Future

Our first challenge is decide what our future might look like.  Where would we most like to be?  Nelson City called that process Framing our Future and the resulting document Nelson 2060 we propose creating a blueprint for the country’s future by undertaking a similar process for New Zealand.