Engaging our visitors in the Kiwi Lifestyle and sustainability Role Model Challenge

Tourist levies are seen by some as penalties, we see them as an opportunity for visitors to share in the task of making our most fortunate Country as wonderful as we would wish it to be.

Making New Zealand the Sustainabity Role Model Initiative

New Zealand faces unique challenges. By signing up to the “Making New Zealand the Sustainabity Role Model Initiative”, visitors are made aware of our challenges and provided with the opportunity to contribute to  helping to meet those challenges.  It comes with passes to our conservation estate and cultural institutions and a copy of the drop dead gorgeous publication detailing our history, our culture, and our aspirations. 

Membership would not come cheap. In addition the membership levy it would come with an expectation that visitors will live up to our norms.  (We treat one another and our environment with respect and we never poo in the bushes or do our laundry in streams or mountain lakes.)