Mike is the principal spokesperson for this party, it's his vision but a vision I share with him.

I'm a big supporter of Mike's ideals as they tie in with the work we did together under the Framing Our Future initiative. Something we have talked about a lot over the last few years is how this could be rolled out across New Zealand; we believe the time is right if not well overdue.

We think people are looking for a party with a thorough vision for the country on how we can make things as good as they can be. Most people have a good understanding of how they contribute to society and are tired of being told how to act and what to do. They are looking for ways regardless of political parties to make the best for their communities.

We believe most people like certain elements from all or nearly all of the political parties, but don't necessarily like being pigeon holed to support all the views of one party. Many would like to find a better or new way to work together across the political spectrum in the best interests of the country. That's what the Creative Alliance vision aims to achieve, a mechanism for people to have real influence in their future by working collaboratively together. The Framing Our Future policy structure can make this happen, and it will be different for the country as opposed to how it worked regionally.

You will find elements of left and right political spectrum in the Creative Alliance's policies. We are neither specifically left, right, green, socialist or capitalist. We are in fact a mix of them all. This idea may be hard to understand for some people who wish to pigeon hole the party in traditional terms. But as a political party, we should be seen as collaborative, as we seek democratic social justice across all traditional political spectrums. That's the Framing Our Future model we'll deliver. A vision for the country we can all believe in across the traditional political spectrum.

My role is to support the ideals of the party, helping Mike and its members. I'm based in Sydney with my family and regularly travel back to New Zealand. I only want the best for my country; I have no ambitions at this stage to run for office.